PTA Board


The Codington PTA's mission is to create a strong link between school and home by building relationships between parents, teachers, and administrators in support of students.

President | Michelle Hackman

Vice President - Student Enrichment | Chad Towne

Vice President - Communications | Ashley King

Treasurer | Shana Vick

Secretary | Matt Saggese

Fundraising | Alpa Mandape & Melissa Wagner

Sponsorships | George Hollen

Membership | Brooke Kincaid & Courtnie Spinola

Hospitality | Jamie Lanier & Elisabeth Weaver

Family Socials | Amanda Card & Shannon Tingley

Volunteers/Committees | Grace Cleveland & Scott Robinson

Special Advisor | Lori Smith

K-2 Staff Representative | Lisa Klingensmith

3-5 Staff Representative | Kristi Youmans

EC Staff Representative | Hayley Stevens

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